Management Consultant

Ranch Management Consultant - Range and Cattle

Professional Ranch Management Consultant


  • Investment Ranches
  • Local Private Ranches
  • Flexible — short-term specific, or long-term full-service
Fishing in southwest Montana winter-grazed pasture
Quality Control – This creek runs through a winter-grazed pasture–the cows sole source of winter feed. Notice the lack of weeds and the vigor of the vegetation — not to mention the healthy Rainbow Trout!

Is your ranch property outflow more than the inflow? Do you worry that your ranch may not be around for your grandchildren? Do you work for your cows —  or do they work for you? Can you lower your feed and labor costs? What is the most effective way to manage natural resources and fisheries for optimum health and vigor?

Whether you are a non-rancher seeking to purchase a Montana ranch, or whether you are a 5th generation local rancher, we can help you find the right answers to these questions, along with sustainable solutions. Our specialty is profitable production.

With six national environmental stewardship awards under our belt, and 22 years of proven profitability as General Manager of one of the largest, most productive ranches in the country, the management systems we’ve developed speak for themselves.

Comprehensive Plans for Specific Problems

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  • Property and Resource Assessment
  • Cost/Revenue Analysis
  • Short and Long Term Strategy Plans
  • Professional, profitable, and sustainable livestock recommendations
  • Marketing
  • Stocking rates, grazing plans, and carrying capacity determinations
  • Infrastructure Design and Recommendations
  • Staffing Structure and Procurement Assistance
  • Water Rights and Due Diligence Research
  • Natural Resources, Wildlife, and Fisheries Conservation
  • Professional Range Management for Health and Sustainability
  • Navigation of ranch-related laws and regulations. Agency Relations
  • Google Earth Layer Mapping