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Ray Marxer - Ranch Management Consultant

I’m a Montana farm boy who went on to manage Montana’s massive Matador Cattle Company for 21 years after first spending 16 years gaining cattle, resource, and people management experience and skills.  Managing over 500 square miles of prime Montana rangeland was a huge responsibility and challenge that required innovation, cooperation, and education–much of which was as a Stan Parsons student of “Ranching for Profit School”.

We–my team, and our efficient cowherd–achieved profitability even when the markets were down. At the same time, we improved our range and natural resources and received 6 national-level environmental stewardship awards, including the International Association of Fish & Wildlife Services Private Lands Stewardship Award. Our employee tenure increased from an average of 2 years to 11 years.

Whether corporate or family-owned, every ranch can benefit from analyzing processes, costs, and systems. Your ranch can work for you.

Give Ray a call at 406-925-9320. We’re happy to visit with you and are flexible whether it be short-term or long-term. A small investment now can pay big dividends for the future of your ranch. We can also provide excellent references attesting to the success of our AI recommendations and high breeding percentage.


37 Years of Life & Lessons on Koch Industries’ Beaverhead Ranch”

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Guest of Clay Conry at RanchingPodcast.com

September 5, 2022

Ep. 257 – Ray Marxer – Cowboy in a Corporate World – Working Cows Podcast

Ray Marxer, former Manager of the Beaverhead Ranch (a ranch that at its peak spanned 500 square miles of Southwest Montana), joined me to talk about his new book “Cowboy in a Corporate World.” I can’t urge you strongly enough to get your copy of this excellent book today.

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